From History Major to Sponsored

I did a history undergrad degree on a scholarship and was able to be sponsored by a one of the highly regarded management consulting firm (not IT work - I don’t know how to code at all. No data science background either) out of undergrad. Was lucky to be picked in the lottery on first (and only) try, but got RFE’ed big time (honestly speaking very much expected). This was before trump.

3 years later still at the same firm, GC was applied for after 1 year. Now Trump was president and my extension was not approved, RFE first then went to NID. Luckily greencard (which had Perm approved under Obama) just barely squeezed through right before my original 3 year H1B expired. So was super lucky to not have to leave.

A lot of it is coincidence and luck. Best of luck

Story told by ForsakenQuail2316

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